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Emma has a diverse professional background with experience in advertising, marketing, digital production, event production and management & business operations with advanced skills in policy, strategy and process development. She has extensive project management experience particularly in technical and web development projects and events. Emma is an experienced manager with key skills in communication & organisation. Key roles have included Operations Manager, Senior Account Manager, Production Manager, General Manager and Company Director.

She routinely provides independent consultancy across a range of business sectors at a senior level.

For over two years from 2008 Emma was responsible for the management of all multimedia operations at Fed Square for Urban Screen Productions (UTV). During her time at Fed Square Emma supervised the rollout of a new content management and technical backbone for multimedia across the site, wrote and implemented all operational process and technical documentation of the new system and delivered USM08, an International conference and exhibition around Urban Screens for the International Urban Screens Association.

More recently Emma has been involved in delivering numerous consultancies and feasibility studies with UTV, advising on strategic, operational, budgetary implications for the implementation of new permanent cultural Urban Screens. Emma has managed all the video and motion graphics production for UTV for the last 9 years and been responsible for curating and programming arts and cultural content for numerous non-commercial screens.

Emma is an experienced and accomplished curator of urban media, having been responsible for programming strategies and personally curating the programming for many leading Urban Screens. She has been on the judging panels of numerous film festivals and has been a judge of the Australian Teachers of Media Awards (ATOM) for the last four years across a range of categories.

Her advanced skills in operational process, documentation and strategy coupled with her studio management experience saw her recently engaged to restructure a well-established digital agency with a production team of 25.

Emma has produced three symposia on Digital Placemaking, x-Communicate held @ UNSW Art & Design for Vivid in June 2015 and Digital Publics in Feb 2016 @ Fed Square as part of Pause Fest and again in 2016 as part of the media Architecture Biennale for Vivid.

Collaborating with many of UTV’s long-term academic partnerships Emma co-produced a major international conference on digital placemaking for Vivid Sydney (MAB16). In addition to fulfilling the roles of Finance Chair, Industry Co-Chair, Symposium Co-Chair and Communications Co-Chair alongside Glenn Harding from UTV and her other academic partners, she also supported this event by sourcing sponsorship and grant funding and managed the production of the marketing collateral.

Emma is an active member of the Media Architecture institute based in Vienna, Sydney and Beijing who have produced major conferences and symposia events all over the world over the last 10 years.

Emma is currently supporting Glenn Harding from UTV to deliver a series of events in North America with several of UTV’s partners commencing in Boston Massachusetts in 2017 with Project for Public Spaces in New York and Massachusetts Institute of technology’s (MIT) Civic media Centre.

Emma recently contributed significantly to the development of a business strategy in collaboration with Glenn Harding from UTV for Project for Public Spaces. PPS is the worlds leading not for profit consultancy in placemaking and the proposed strategy is aimed at helping them incorporate ‘Digital’ into their global strategic offering. The upcoming series of events across North America is aimed at promoting ‘digital placemaking’ and is an outcome developed from that strategy.

Currently Emma is engaged full time setting up and managing a new co-working space set up by ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) called ACMI X on a consultancy basis. This initiative has been funded and supported by Creative Victoria to foster and support growth in the creative industries sector in Victoria.

This 60 seat co-working space has been reserved for those working with the moving image. In addition to being responsible for setting this up operationally and selecting the companies to be involved Emma is also responsible for refining the ongoing strategy for the space, building a robust events program and developing an industry membership program in line with building a creative culture within ACMI X.

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